Underground Chocolate Club - Collection #1

Underground Chocolate Club - Collection #1

100.00 120.00

Dick Taylor - Vanilla Raspberry

Solstice - S'mores Bar

Map - Fiji 72% w/ Caramelized White Chocolate & Sea Salt

Raaka - Roasted Haiti

Durci - Piura Peru

Eat Chic - Hazelnut Buttercups

Solstice - Marshmallow Drinking Chocolate

Club Member Pin & Tasting Book

Collection Book, Maker Swag & Promos, etc.

The golden bean is still out there, enjoy!


This bag contains: 5 Micro-Batch Bars, 2 Additional Micro-Batch Chocolate Goodies, 2 Exclusive Club Member Items, and additional swag from craft chocolate companies.

(This 200-only bag is Gluten Free. Two bars contain dairy. Two items are not Kosher. If you have known food allergies or restrictions, please contact us before purchasing. We are happy to replace items with bars from our shop.)

Introducing the Underground Chocolate Club by Cacao Review.

Here at Cacao Review, we wanted to do something crazy, something radical, something that every craft chocolate lover will swoon over. So we set out on a mission to do just that and the Underground Chocolate Club was born.

So what is it?

We have collaborated with your favorite craft chocolate makers to release only 200 bags (each collection) of some of the most exclusive, limited-edition, micro-batch chocolate available. And you can ONLY find it here. We brainstormed, we tasted, we designed, and in some cases, we even helped make the chocolate. Only 200 bars (or other chocolate goodies) are made with each maker. We work with 5-10 makers each collection and we also include exclusive club member swag in every bag.

One random bag in each collection will contain a golden bean. Find the golden bean and your next collection is free. For reals.

We aim to release a collection 1-3 times per year if possible, and each collection will contain new and different chocolate bars and swag. Club members get first dibs, but the public will also have access while supplies last. To be the first to find out when we release a collection, all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website, and you're in. Simple.

We aren't messing around. This is premium, ethical chocolate with some of the best makers in the world. We are positive you'll fall in love.

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