Limited Chocolate Box - Collection 2

Limited Chocolate Box - Collection 2


Limited Chocolate Box

Marou Chocolate | Dak Nong 75%

Cacao Review | Oko Caribe 70%

Ritual Chocolate | Fennel Flower Crystals & Guava 70%

Omnom Chocolate | Rye & Caraway White

Chocolate Naive | Rugoso Special

Chocolate Naive | Nano Lot Drinking Chocolate

Collector Pin*

Collector Print*

Collection 2 Book*

*these items are only available when you purchase the full collection here.


  • Only 150 boxes available.

  • Items made only for Limited Chocolate Box by Cacao Review.

  • All items are Vegan & Gluten Free with the exception of the Omnom bar. Contact us for allergy replacement.

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