Marou Chocolate - Caputo's Festival 2018


Each year, Caputo’s Market & Deli hosts a different craft chocolate maker for its annual chocolate festival. We’ve had the pleasure of attending festivals that featured chocolate makers Amano Chocolate of Utah and Chocolate Naive of Lithuania. Both events were magnificent to attend, so when the announcement came that Marou Chocolate of Vietnam would be the featured maker for 2018, we knew we absolutely had to go – even if it meant missing our ride to the Northwest Chocolate Festival. (Don't worry, we caught a flight instead.)

Marou has been creating world-renowned chocolate since it launched in 2011. Most notably, its Treasure Island chocolate bar has been one of the best, if not THE best, we have ever tasted and has created quite the buzz in the chocolate community, with the last available bars selling for as high as $150.

For this year's festival, talented local chefs created fine-dining dishes that highlighted each of Marou's single-origin chocolate bars. In addition to being an event that offered incredible food and drinks, all the proceeds of the night went to the Heirloom Cacao Preservation. Whether you’re into craft chocolate or fine food, or you're craving a perfect night out with friends, plan on this year’s chocolate festival. You won't want to miss it.

Here are the dishes local businesses and chefs presented for the evening:

Chef de cuisine Amanda McGraw and pastry chef Jessica Burge of The Copper Onion created a decadent chocolate torte, made with Marou’s Ben Tre 78%.

Pastry chef Shirley Butler of Tupelo presented a beautiful chocolate macaron made with fig leaf chocolate ganache and quince jam, using Ba Ria 76%.

Featuring a Dong Nai 72% chocolate gruyere and almond gougere, executive pastry chef Jeremy Garcia of Stein Eriksen Lodge knocked it out of the park with an incredibly layered chocolate masterpiece. 

We don’t eat meat, but we heard only amazing things about the fried chicken wing made by chef de cuisine Tommy Nguyen’s of Post Office Place. He featured Marou's Lam Dong 74% in his dish.

Pastry Chef Alexa Norlin of Normal Club made an ice cream sandwich and "candy" bar featuring Marou’s Tien Giang 70% chocolate. Yes, please! We’d be really happy if Alexa put this on the Normal menu indefinitely. Please, Alexa? 

Highlighting the new Marou cacao powder (which is to die for), Chef Viet Pham of Pretty Bird presented a cacao crisp hot chicken wing that we heard lovely things about.

Jacqueline Zabriskie of 3 Cups steeped a smoked chocolate tea using Dak Lak 70% chocolate and topped it with a candied basil leaf. It came across as a rich hot chocolate with a beautiful tea flavor – amazing. 

There were other notable businesses that contributed to the evening, although we didn’t taste their creations – Water Witch, Crybaby, Libation, and La Barba. This chocolate festival is a classy and delicious event that’s worth attending year after year.