Solstice Chocolate - India Anamalai 70%


It's not hard for me to fall in love with every Solstice Chocolate bar that is released. (Just ask me about a new bar they have coming out soon and how I cried when I tasted it for the first time.) This India Anamalai 70% was released this time last year in preparation for the Northwest Chocolate Festival, and everyone quickly became obsessed.

I've had a few different bars of this origin from other makers and this one is the best rendition I've tried. Its inherent fruit notes are unmistakable and haven't been lost in the process of grinding and smoothing the chocolate. It reminds me of a raspberry filled pastry; flakey, buttery puff pastry with a mouth-watering raspberry filling.

I asked DeAnn Wallin, owner and chocolate maker at Solstice Chocolate, how she decided to add this bar to her regular lineup and why she chose the color for the packaging.

"I had never heard of this origin before,” she said. “It sounded exciting, so I tried a sample of beans, and 'exciting' is what I got – bold tasting notes of tangy raspberry and passion fruit. The chocolate itself is a beautiful color. That and the bright, fruity notes are why we chose magenta for the packaging."


While the raspberry and passion fruit tasting notes are the most discernable, you will also find wonderful nuances of sunflower seeds and peanuts. It all comes together beautifully.

If this sounds like a chocolate bar you'd love to try, you can get it on discount today by clicking on the product to the right or visiting our main page. Later this month we'll be unveiling a new special release from Solstice Chocolate with the chance to win some of their bars!


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Emily Koons