Raaka Chocolate - New Branding

Raaka Chocolate just released its new packaging, and we had the great privilege of getting the first look! The biggest change we noticed is the removal of the term "Virgin Chocolate" that it has used since the beginning of time. Instead, you will find that Raaka is marketing under the new phrase, “Unroasted Dark Chocolate,” which we believe makes its product more accessible and understood.

On the inside of the wrapper, you will find information on Raaka’s sourcing practices, which it has labeled “Transparent Trade.” It shows everything from price charts displaying what Raaka pays per kilogram in comparison to minimum fair trade and commodity prices, to the information on the farmers and cooperatives it works with. We love Raaka’s transparency practices and can sleep better at night knowing we're on the right side of chocolate ethics.


Everything about the packaging is bolder, from the bright layered colors to the larger text. We are sure the changes will draw more attention on chocolate shelves. What do you all think of Raaka's changes?

Emily Koons