Fjak 70% Reindeer Moss & Lingonberry


Friends of ours recently visited Norway and brought back some Fjak Chocolate for us to try (thanks, guys!). We were really pleased with the two bars we tasted from its Nordic Collection and couldn't wait to share our thoughts with you all.

Fjak hasn't been around for long, launching in April 2017. Female owners Agur and Siv make bean-to-bar chocolate in one of the world's most stunning locations, Hardanger, Norway. Google it! I mean, how can you not be inspired in a place like that?

I know what you're thinking: "What a strange inclusion bar! What are those ingredients?" Reindeer moss is a light-colored lichen that is a food source for reindeer (caribou), hence the name. It has an earthy, light mushroom taste with a hint of fennel. The lingonberry is a small red berry that is similar to a cranberry but is more sour than tart. Both were handpicked in the wild of the Norwegian mountains. Can't you just picture the beautiful scene?

These inclusions work together nicely and also pair perfectly with the fruitiness of the Madagascar chocolate. Fjak did an excellent job with the chocolate itself, a more calming rendition on the origin with notes of cherry and citrus.

We also got to taste a small piece of its Caramelized White Norwegian Gingerbread bar, which was to die for – best holiday chocolate bar of all time, not kidding. We didn't have a full bar to photograph for a review, but we highly recommend devouring it if you can find one!


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