Green Bean to Bar Madagascar 70% Ambanja


The first time we heard of Green Bean to Bar Chocolate was at the 2017 Northwest Chocolate Festival. With busy schedules, we had the opportunity to try only two of its bars, but we found the chocolate to be well-made with wonderful flavors. At the festival, Green Bean to Bar won a Gold award for its Vietnam Ben Tre 70% and a Silver award for its packaging. 

Green Bean to Bar Chocolate is a Japanese company with the flagship store in Tokyo and another location in Fukuoka. Pictures of its factory and stores are stunning, placing the company on my list as a place to visit as soon as possible. Is a Japan/Singapore/Vietnam chocolate trip in order? I think so!

Green Bean to Bar Chocolate is handcrafted with Japanese dedication and reverence.

This Madagascar 70% Ambanja is one of my favorite interpretations of the origin. It's remarkably juicy, with leading flavors of grape, cranberry, and Gushers candy. The texture and roast profile are wonderful. I'm a fan.

I have also heard that the Bolivia 70% is a great bar but haven't gotten access to it, yet. Which Green Bean to Bar Chocolate bars have you tasted, and what did you think?

(Off topic, but if anyone can figure out how to grow cacao in the tropics of Okinawa, Japan, please let me know. I know it's pretty far north for growing cacao, and I'm not sure if it is even possible, but it's one of my favorite destinations, and I would maybe move there for that...)


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