Utah Chocolate Society


Utah Chocolate Society

Utah Chocolate Society is a monthly gathering of chocolate enthusiasts from the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas. The type of chocolate consumed is high quality, usually dark, and is often referred to as bean-to-bar or artisan chocolate. Members consist of all ages and backgrounds, and anyone—from novice to nerd—is invited to attend.

The events are usually held in downtown Salt Lake City at Caputo’s Market & Deli (314 W. 300 S. SLC, UT) with the exception of visits to different chocolate maker’s facilities and other local venues. The meetings are organized and facilitated by Brian Ruggles, founder, and president.

We share a common passion for chocolate, and we do it loudly and with much merriment.
— Brain Ruggles | President of the Utah Chocolate Society

Sign up

If you’d like to attend a meeting, you can contact Brian through the Utah Chocolate Society Facebook page. Once he’s added you to the email list you can expect to receive a monthly email with information on how to attend upcoming meetings.

The cost to attend is generally $10 per person. There are also annual membership dues ($15 per person).

The Tournament

The tournament is a treasured series of meetings where the goal is to crown one bar of chocolate the winner out of 64 highly-regarded chocolate bars. The bars are randomly paired and tasted in a single-elimination style tournament until only one chocolate bar remains to take the title. This gluttony of chocolate starts in March and finishes in April in celebration of the anniversary of the Utah Chocolate Society.

Here are the previous winners of the tournament:

Year - Maker | Bar name

2019 - Fruition | Hispaniola 68%

2018 - Solstice | Tanzania 70%

2017 - Solstice | Tanzania 70%

2016 - Fruition | Hispaniola 68%

2015 - Solstice | Wasatch 70%

2014 - Dick Taylor | Ecuador 76%

2013 - Original Beans | Cru Virunga 70%

2012 - Original Beans | Beni Wild Harvest 66%

Utah Chocolate Society chapters

Cacao Review chapter

Here at Cacao Review, we host unique and fun classes, tastings, and events. These meetings are usually smaller in size and are centered around chocolate that is not commonly tasted at the Utah Chocolate Society meetings. We often have Utah chocolate makers in attendance as guests and get the chance to try new bar releases on the regular. Sign up for our next event on the ‘Classes and Tastings’ page.

Marmalade Coffee and Chocolate Society chapter

These are well organized, amazing events that are free, so seats go fast! It is held the first Thursday of every month at the Marmalade library (280 W. 500 N. SLC, UT). You can sign up for the event at the Marmalade Coffee and Chocolate Society website.

Caputo’s Holladay chapter

The Caputo’s Market & Deli hosts a chapter of the Utah Chocolate Society at their Holladay location. The organizer for these events is Rachael L. You can sign up to receive email invitations to the monthly meetings by contacting Rachael.