Map Chocolate - Nightswimming


Here I am, diving into another Map chocolate bar, and again, I have been swept away. This Belize dark milk 60%, titled "Nightswimming," is in my top 3 favorite milk chocolates, and I prefer it above all other Belize bars I've tried.

Every Map chocolate bar comes with a poem written by chocolate maker Mackenzie Rivers. I connect more with the poem included in this bar than any other I have read by her thus far. It brings a flood of childhood memories, like those at the cabin lake, daring friends to jump into the cold darkness, yelling across the water and waiting for the echo of a familiar stranger. Night swimming is a warm memory of mine.

Rivers writes, "Hints of moonlight and friends ... the way their laughter sounded like rain on the tin roof of your aching soul ... the time you looked far, far ahead and saw absolutely nothing, and it was terrifying the way most beautiful things are. … Sometimes all it takes is one look, one foot out the door, one hand in another, one bite, and you just know."

She goes on to say, "Now this dark milk bar has something to say, but it doesn't say it in the same old chocolate way. … Take that dive and do not fear, because this one, despite a dark and snappy bite, has no scary drop off. Invite a friend (or three) and do exactly what your mother warned you not to do."

Eating Map chocolate is a lot like reading Map poems. It takes you on a beautiful journey and changes you. With this chocolate, the milk has tamed the bright and brash flavors of a typical Belize and has transformed it into something calm, meditative, and lovely. Caramel, honey, and nut, with just a hint of cinnamon. It won't be forgotten, just like those memories.


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