Maison Marou Cashew Praline 65%


"Each Maison Marou Saigon signature bar is an adventure in chocolate. Inspired by Vietnam's exquisite fruits & spices. We find new expressions for its finest cacao."

Handmade at Maison Marou in Saigon, this cashew praline chocolate bar also takes influence from France, which is easy to do with Frenchmen for founders and a French pastry chef behind the scenes.

Inside the Marou 65% couverture shell is a thin layer of crisp cashew candy. It is my understanding that Maison Marou candies the cashews with cane sugar and salt before grinding them to a paste, and then folds that into the chocolate before it sets. I would love to witness this process in person.

While the combination is amazing, the couverture is absolutely divine on its own, and something I could easily devour without the inclusions. The dark roasted chocolate is so beautifully (and obviously) Vietnamese, with the honey, cinnamon, and dried fruit notes pairing perfectly with the delicious nutty center. We ate the whole thing rather quickly.

I was able to snag this chocolate bar at the Northwest Chocolate Festival after speaking with Marou co-founder Vincent Mourou. Marou is one of my favorite chocolate companies, so it was quite the treat to not only get access to its limited edition bars but to meet one of the men behind the world-famous Vietnamese chocolate.


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