Ritual Vanilla Bar 70%


Normally steering away from using vanilla in their chocolate, Ritual Chocolate highlighted the quality ingredient in one of their newest creations, and we're glad they did.

These days, you'd have a hard time getting your hands on exceptional vanilla without spending $200-$400 per pound, making vanilla one of the most expensive ingredients in the world.

Ritual doesn't settle for less, using whole bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar and combining them with their Mid Mountain blend. (FYI, there is no actual bourbon in the chocolate – that is just the name of the bean.)

This 2018 Good Food Award winner displays Ritual's softer, more elegant side. The vanilla guides the flavor away from the customary dark roast and acidic notes, allowing room for a floral, creamy, and round marshmallow flavor. The bar has just enough of a bite of bitterness to remind me it is still Ritual Chocolate.


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Emily KoonsComment