Ritual Chocolate - Fennel Flower Crystals + Guava

Ritual Chocolate - Fennel Flower Crystals & Guava

When you give a chocolate maker complete freedom to be creative, you might end up with something as adventurous and inspired as this guava infused Peru Marañon chocolate, topped with crystalized fennel flower. One of the things we love about this project is it seems that chocolate makers are more daring when they don't have to consider the logistics of keeping a bar as part of their permanent line.

"We were thinking that, since this is a limited edition chocolate bar, we could make something just crazy enough that we wouldn't think to put it into regular production," Ritual Chocolate co-owner Anna Davies said. "Then we tasted it and were like, oh man, can we keep it?" One thing is for sure: There is no other chocolate bar like this in existence.

The guava is subtle, accounting for only 10% of the recipe so that its flavor doesn't compete with the other inclusions. The tropical fruit pairs harmoniously with the inherent notes of the Marañon beans. The golden-yellow fennel crystals come from crystallizing the flowering part of the fennel plant. They provide a fresh, floral and fennel quality with a distinctive texture and crunch.

"We knew we wanted to work with fennel crystals, but we didn't want to just simply sprinkle them into one of our pre-existing chocolates, so we began researching various fennel pairings,” Ritual Chocolate co-owner Robbie Stout said. “The one that caught our attention was guava – it seemed unusual but also sounded amazing. We were able to find a guava powder, which we mixed and ground together with the cacao to make sure that everything would have the same particle size and provide a smooth texture."

While visiting Robbie and Anna in their factory, they expressed how this new creation has made them feel as though they have finally stepped into the inclusion chocolate world, although to be fair they do offer a Fleur de Sel bar, a Nib bar, and some infused chocolates that we love. We had a lot of fun working with our Utah friends and couldn't be more elated with the outcome.

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Emily Koons