Omnom Chocolate - Rye + Caraway

Omnom Chocolate - Rye & Caraway

This crunchy, buttery white chocolate is made with traditional Icelandic rye bread, hand-picked caraway seeds, and sea salt from the Westfjords.

The chocolate bar originally came about as an entry in an Omnom employee competition, where each employee submitted a concept for Omnom's seasonal winter bar. The Rye & Caraway was a staff favorite for many rounds and made it to the top 3, gaining momentum until the final round when the recipe was slightly changed to include 7% cocoa mass and didn't end up winning. Our bar was made from the original recipe that was on track to take the winning title out of all 27 entries. Fortunately for us, Omnom was eager and willing to make it a Cacao Review exclusive.

Rye bread is a long-established Icelandic food. With plenty of geothermal activity around the island, Icelanders figured out how to cook and bake without ovens. The process for making the bread is simple: mix the ingredients, pour them into a pot, wrap the pot tightly, and bury it underground for the night. The next morning there's a warm loaf of bread waiting to be devoured.

Viðey is an island in the harbor of Reykjavik, where beautiful rolling hills are covered with another common Icelandic ingredient – wild-grown caraway seeds. "The seeds are perfect for harvest in late summer," Michael Ryan of Omnom Chocolate said. "So we packed rye bread and some Omnom hot chocolate to keep us warm in the summer wind, and we took a ferry over to Viðey for picking. After a few hours, we had harvested enough seeds for these bars and for our cupboards at home."

This chocolate is sweet and salty with wonderful sour bread, buttermilk, and floral spice flavors. The rye bread crumbs covering the back of the bar even look like lava rocks, perhaps another tribute to Iceland. It is a positively addictive chocolate and may disappear before you know it.

Omnom's dedication to this project was truly astonishing. We received a package straight from Iceland with fresh homemade rye bread, a container of the hand-picked caraway seeds, some Icelandic sea salt, and a host of fun Omnom masks, temporary tattoos, and buttons. The chocolate maker’s friendship is beckoning us to go visit.

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Emily Koons