Marou Chocolate - Dak Nong 75%

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Marou Chocolate - Dak Nong 75%

Dear Emily,

Miss Thuy and I just selected 2 bags of cacao (total around 100kg) that we are going to test-roast 10kg at a time. It’s from a farm owned by a lady called Mrs. Tam in Dak Nong province (outside of our usual range of 6 provinces) that we have been helping to improve her fermentation and drying. We haven't roasted it yet but the flavor profile of these 2 bags is very interesting.

- Samuel Maruta (Co-Founder of Marou Chocolate)

There is something incredibly special about communicating with someone across the world, sharing a common passion as you work together to create something beautiful. In this case, the creation is a single-origin chocolate made by one of the world's best makers, from cacao beans grown in the jungles of Vietnam, hand harvested and fermented. Sometimes I have to pinch myself.

Dak Nong is located in the southwest of Vietnam's Central Highlands, where there are grasslands, waterfalls, and different kinds of plantations. The beans for this limited edition chocolate bar come solely from Mrs. Tam's cacao farm, whereas most available Dak Nong beans are a combined effort from cacao groups made of many farms in the area.

This chocolate stands apart from other Marou chocolate that we have tasted, as in it has absolutely no notes of fruit. Instead, we find flavors of walnut, cinnamon, marshmallow, cocoa powder, honey, and toast. It is thick and pasty, a hearty 75% bar. I imagine it would make a fantastic drinking chocolate, but we would never have the nerve to melt down one of these treasures.

Vietnamese cacao has always been a favorite of ours. It is exotic and dreamy and tastes completely different than any other cacao in the world. Some of our favorite bars have been from Marou. We even own one of the last original Marou Treasure Island chocolate bars in existence. It is stored safely in our temperature-controlled room, where this Dak Nong 75% will join it. Needless to say, it is such a pleasure for us to have Marou Chocolate as part of this collection.

Emily Koons