Limited Chocolate Box

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We are really excited to announce Limited Chocolate Box, an elite chocolate collection! This box is special because only 150 were made and each item inside is limited edition, made just for this collection. The bars and products are made by some of the world’s best chocolate makers! This collection features Marou Chocolate, Chocolate Naive, Ritual Chocolate, Omnom Chocolate and chocolate by us, Cacao Review. It’s available for preorder now!

We recommend you spring for the full collection to get all incredible extras, like the fancy Naive drinking chocolate, or the surprise collector items, (or even just for the amazing unboxing experience,) but if you want to pick and choose - some of the bars are available separately for a limited time! Visit our shop to find out more.

(We’ll announce the exact items and bar types after all the preorders have shipped out. We want those folks to get a chance to be surprised!)

Limited Chocolate Box - Collection 2

Limited Chocolate Box

Marou Chocolate | Dak Nong 75%

Cacao Review | Oko Caribe 70%

Ritual Chocolate | Fennel Flower Crystals & Guava 70%

Omnom Chocolate | Rye & Caraway White

Chocolate Naive | Rugoso Special

Chocolate Naive | Nano Lot Drinking Chocolate

Collector Pin*

Collector Print*

Collection 2 Book*

*these items are only available when you purchase the full collection here.


  • Only 150 boxes available.

  • Items made only for Limited Chocolate Box by Cacao Review.

  • All items are Vegan & Gluten Free with the exception of the Omnom bar. Contact us for allergy replacement.

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