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When we got into craft chocolate in 2011, Patric Chocolate's PBJ OMG was one of our first discoveries and early addictions. Sadly, our chocolate love affair was shortened when, just a few months later, the bar was nowhere to be found in our area. This past summer we were delighted to find it again while traveling through Oregon. It was a reunion so sweet – literally.

Alan 'Patric' McClure fell in love with chocolate while spending a year in France, tasting the world's finest foods. When he returned home, he began studying chocolate and making daily test batches. In 2007, he released his first chocolate bar, becoming one of the early makers in this rapidly growing industry. Every year since its opening, Patric Chocolate has won national Good Food Awards.

For this bar, Patric takes dark-roasted peanuts, salt, and cane sugar and combines them with Madagascar cacao, which has naturally occurring bursts of berries and jam flavor. While there is no actual jelly in this PBJ, the fruity cacao stands in its place. Genius.

The aroma of this chocolate is intoxicating. I'm swooning at the memory of it, and I even unintentionally said, "oh my" out loud. In the mouth, it is so soft and dissolves perfectly, like butter. Immediately, I am surprised that licorice is the most prominent tasting note here. I'm on a search for fruit and other flavors, but after three pieces, I am quite certain that this bar has been in close proximity to the Patric Black Licorice Bar, or maybe even put in the same machinery after that one was made.

Trying to look past this is difficult, and aside from a mild peanut flavor, unfortunately, I don't taste any PBJ this time. Don't let this dissuade you, though. I know this bar is fantastic. I just gotta get my hands on a fresh one.


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