6th Annual Caputo's Chocolate Festival (feat. Chocolate Naive)


This year, the Caputo's 6th Annual Chocolate Festival was all about Chocolate Naive and its beautiful creations. Founder of Chocolate Naive, Domantas Uzpalis, visited all the way from Lithuania just to celebrate with us.

The downtown Caputo's location was decorated with natural moss, leaves, and mushrooms to match the style of Naive's creations, based on its Forager Collection. The visuals paired with Lithuanian music gave the sense that we were walking among the mind of Domantas himself. Spending time with the creative genius was easy, as he is the most caring and attentive person you will ever meet.

The event was a benefit for the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative. Local Utah chefs and beverage experts highlighted different Naive Chocolate bars in each of their dishes. One of those standout chefs was Alexa Norlin of Normal Ice Cream, with her plum, brown butter, and kefir ice cream sandwich served with a coffee and yogurt drinking chocolate.

Pastry chef Courtney McDowell of Pallet created an Inca berry chocolate cheesecake, Inca berry coulis, and a sacha inchi seed crust. They were to die for. Other incredible chefs crafted foods like fancy chocolate filled donuts, chocolate glazed chicken wings, mushroom chocolate bisque, chocolate-themed cocktails, and more.

At these events, you will find yourself speaking with many other "celebrity" chocolate makers, such as Art Pollard of Amano, Lance Brown of The Cacao Bean Project, Deann Wallin of Solstice Chocolate, and Eric Durtschi of Crio Bru and Durci Chocolate. You can also always nerd out on chocolate with Brian Ruggles of the Utah Chocolate Society, and speak directly with the Caputo family as they enjoy the evening alongside you. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of these events, grab tickets fast. It's worth it.



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