Northwest Chocolate Festival 2017


The Northwest Chocolate Festival takes place every year in Seattle, Washington where artisan chocolate makers gather from all over the world to showcase their chocolate. Award ceremonies and the Chocolate Makers Unconference are also well attended.  

This was our first year attending and we had the opportunity to help Solstice Chocolate at their booth for the two full days. Although we didn't get much of a chance to step away, we did get to take a few photos and say hello to chocolate friends at their booths. We also had many followers of Cacao Review stop by to say hello, expanding our chocolate friendships even further.

Solstice Chocolate was kind enough to let us sell Collection #1 from our Micro-batch chocolate club at their booth, which was hugely successful for us, and a way to spread the word of our fun project.

Even though we were exhausted from a full day's work, the evenings were spent with chocolate makers and friends in the industry having dinner and discussing upcoming projects. We hope to go again!


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Emily KoonsComment