Rogue La Masica 75%


From one of the most elusive chocolate makers in the country comes La Masica Batch 4. I've been trying to get my hands on a Rogue chocolate bar for some time, and I finally figured out the secret: Sign up for the newsletter, get alerted to its semi-occasional limited batch releases, set a calendar alert, and jump online the second it goes live. Some sell out instantly and others may linger awhile. Although we don't have access to wholesale with Rogue yet, I plan to post a few from my personal stash on our website soon.

I LOVE Rogue's packaging. Founder Colin Gasko has chosen to step away from the obvious cacao pod option, hiring artist Aakash Nihalani to create stunning, clean, geometric art in its place.

Stated on the back is a flavor profile that matches identically to what the bar actually tastes like, which almost never happens. To me, this shows Colin's talent and ability to truly know and understand cacao and his product.

As many of you know, I like my chocolate to stun, confuse, and elate me. Well, this one has on every level, making it the best chocolate I have had in awhile. It starts with the unmistakable tongue prickling and full mouth salivation that one gets from eating grapefruit. Then the actual flavor of grapefruit bursts forward followed closely by the taste of thick and tangy rye bread. At this point, the chocolate almost seems to slow down its melt, anticipating how much I want to savor it.

Brash, impetuous, electrifying, audacious – this is Rogue's La Masica Batch 4. I'm really regretting buying only 2 of these.


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