Cocanu Valentina 75%


During our tour and tasting with Sebastian Cisneros, founder of Cocanu, we were able to gather some beautiful insights into why his chocolate bars came to have their specific ingredients and names. The story behind one bar, in particular, caused us to feel all the feels.

"The motivation behind this bar is my daughter. The concept plays into her heritage. I used cacao from Ecuador, where I am from, and maple sugar from Nova Scotia, where her mother is from." Valentina is his daughter's middle name.

This cute, teensy bar of chocolate smells like waffles, is super bitter, and has a forward maple flavor. The zenith of the bar is at the end as the bitterness falls away and the Ecuadorian cacao flavor becomes more apparent. It is a simple bar without many defining tasting notes.

I would love to find out how a milk version of Valentina would translate, maybe taming the bitterness that seems to derive from the maple sugar, and creating a more breakfast-type chocolate bar in the process. Yes, please.

"A 75% dark chocolate bar made for a little person in Portland who fills my chocolate world with light and smiles."



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