Dick Taylor Caramelized Almond

Now that you know about our crush on the Dick Taylor factory and boutique, we thought we would share our feelings towards one of their new bars as well. Next week we will continue the story of our chocolate road trip!

For this new chocolate, Dick Taylor uses California almonds finely chopped and caramelized with sugar & cinnamon, and paired with their 73% Northerner Blend, which is comprised of Madagascan and Brazilian cacao.

How does one choose the origin(s) of cacao for their inclusion bars? This one seems like an interesting and unexpected choice.  While the chocolate smells toffee-like, giving me the expectation of a buttery sweet and nutty flavor, it is actually quite sour, driven with an intense cocoa powder sapidity.  

I also anticipated the almonds would be on the back of the bar, but I am loving that they are inside and well-blended with the chocolate, saving me from losing the crumbs to the wrapper or floor. The caramelized sugar delivers a small crunch while the almonds are soft and dry. I have fallen for the flavor of the almonds and the subtle hint of cinnamon is most present as the chocolate finishes in my mouth.

While I expected something different, I am not unhappy with this chocolate by any means. Yes, it is an unpredictable bar, but sometimes it is greater to be different.

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Emily Koons