Cacao Portland & The Meadow


Cacao was established in 2006 by Aubrey Lindley and Jesse Mannis. It features a curated selection of chocolate from around the world, including some of the best chocolates from craft producers, as well as drinking and hot chocolates.

The space is quiet and open with plenty of comfortable seating areas to enjoy some hot chocolate while you read on a rainy day (every day). They offer less chocolate than we expected, but there were still plenty of bars to choose from.

We asked the lovely ladies at the counter if we could sample some bars that we haven't had the pleasure of finding in Utah, and they were happy to oblige. We finally got our hands on the Soma Old-School which was reminiscent of a dried up brownie.

The house-made drinking chocolate and hot chocolate were made with Felchlin. They were good but a little underwhelming compared to the delights that we are used to in Utah. E.g, the Ritual Chocolate single-origin drinking chocolates that are to die for.

Cacao has a selection of gilded Alma icon chocolates that are stunning to look at but come with a hefty price tag. We didn't get to try them this time around but someday we will be back to Cacao to discover more of what they have to offer!

With our packed Portland days, we found ourselves with only 5 minutes in The Meadow before closing time so we just took a few photos and had a quick glance at their large selection. They had so many shelves stacked with chocolate that it made it hard see it all.

The Meadow was founded by Mark Bitterman, (foodie & author), in 2006 out of a shared love for food, culture, and travel. They offer craft salts, bitters, and a wide range of chocolate. Mark’s success with the store and his unrelenting drive to innovate has fueled the growth of Bitterman Salt Co., their new flagship line of signature craft salts. It seems both The Meadow and Cacao are doing really well in the chocolatey city of Portland. We can't wait to go back.


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Emily Koons