Map Man on the Moon 78%


We didn't intentionally review this bar for the day of The Great Solar Eclipse, but we'll take the perfect timing.

Man on the Moon is a micro-lot Fiji 78% dark chocolate with handcrafted single origin white chocolate swirls that are splashed with a titch of lemon and blasted with Map's version of space dust; cocoa powder that they pressed themselves from roasted Fiji cacao.

"It's a yin/yang thing. Dark meets bright orb of light, day meets night, rich 78% chocolate meets creamy (and a wee bit tangy) white chocolate, and in the best of both worlds (er, planets?) brownie meets cream cheese. One bite and you'll be howling at the moon (we hope.)" - Mackenzie Rivers, Owner/Operator

The visual beauty of this bar goes without saying and totally resembles the Milky Way. She nailed it. This is the third Map bar I have tried and it has taken one giant leap (see what I did there?) away from the prior heavy inclusions, this one being less about toppings and more about the origin.

It is tannic and dark with just a subtle hint of delightful lemon. I do my best to get the swirl of white chocolate in every bite because it's the best part, hands-down. I want more of it, dang it! The pieces without the white chocolate are very reminiscent of cocoa powder. Not just because it's been dusted with it, but as the flavor of the cacao. It is dry and smooth and oh-so-good.

I really love the simplicity of this chocolate bar, and I find myself staring down at the white swirl and telling myself, "But that piece looks good too, just one more."


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Emily Koons