Omnom Milk of Nicaragua 50%

One of my favorite chocolate makers just released 2 new bars and I'm swooning over their beautiful art. It is always fun to try to guess which animal they will choose for their new packaging. For this Milk of Nicaragua, bold white parrots were placed on a beautiful greenish/yellow background. Artistically, it's one of my favorites of theirs.

Ingemann Fine Cocoa offers a wide range of bean varietals, 3 with single region designations. The star of Omnom's bars is O'Payo, organic single region cacao from a certified co-op near the Bosawas Natural Reserve in the northern mountains of Nicaragua. This terroir translates to a broad array of flavors.

With only 50% cacao, this bar is very sweet. Buttery and silky smooth, it reminds me of a ganache-filled confection. Yesterday I had a mouth-watering Blue's Chocolates confection made with real Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and honey... so it is on my mind.

I taste the Icelandic milk powder more than the cacao, as I do with most of Omnom's milk bars. The exotic milk, (is it sheep? I need to know!) really packs the flavor and tames the other notes in the chocolate.  The subtle flavors that I do find are nut-like, mostly almond and walnut, with traces of toffee, honey, and a faint hint of ripe red fruits.

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Emily Koons