Naive Ambrosia Dark Pollen 65%

The new Chocolate Naive Forager Collection is madly experimental and multilayered. It contains a Porcini Mushroom bar, a Milk Kefir bar, and an Ambrosia Dark Pollen bar. Chocolate Naive deconstructs all ingredients and then combines them back to form one-of-a-kind chocolate with ‘patented’ flavors. On the Eastern side of Lithuania, they make their chocolate using locally sourced and intense ingredients to naturally extend the complex composition of cacao.

"Our biodynamic apiary is found next to the forest where bees gather their exquisite nectar. Due to its unique location, the honey and pollen are dark amber in color and thick with notes of the mossy earth and her flavors. These notes create an unusual alchemy with chocolate. The intricate process of combining honey with chocolate puts this recipe among the most technologically sophisticated recipes around. And, most importantly, it represents the terroir I come from." - Domantas Užpalis

I adore this new Ambrosia bar. It smells earthy and dark, but when I place a piece in my mouth, I find bright tannins and light honey. A beautiful floral sweetness dances with the mossy essence that Užpalis refers to. As the chocolate melts, I can finally taste the flavor of bee pollen, and when the last of it melts away, my tongue feels dry and coated with it. The back of my throat is itchy as if I've just had spicy chocolate. I must have a slight allergy I didn't know about.

For the photos, I purchased bee pollen which smells of cheese and yeast, but tastes completely different, and is so peculiar. Although bee pollen looks like it would be crunchy, it dissolves as soon as I put it in my mouth. These are all new experiences for me and I am quite pleased with the result.

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Emily Koons