Original Beans Cru Udzungwa 70% with Nibs

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In the villages surrounding the enchanting Udzungwa Mountains National Park, local farmers have begun to grow fine Trinitario beans in organic cacao gardens. The Park is home to Tanzania’s endangered elephants, gentle giants whose migration from the forest to savanna relies on man-made fencing to keep them out of farmer's fields and maintain their peaceful coexistence.

The last remaining 1000 elephants in the park need safe passage to migrate. Original Beans is working with the Southern Tanzania Elephant Program (STEP) by building beehive fences that safely direct the elephants, who sometimes go off course and trample through fields at the risk of being killed by farmers. Purchasing this bar directly supports the stewardship of the Park and its endangered elephants.

Now to the tasting. Okay... so, wow! I feel like Original Beans has stepped up their game big time. This chocolate is on a whole new level. With a sensational flavor of round-bodied orange, delicate almond, and creamy notes of toffee and butter, its length and complexity are astonishing.  The ground up nibs inside create a satisfying crunch and add a punch of dark, pure cacao that compliments the other notes well. The stunning artwork for this bar evokes emotion and a desire to support the admirable cause.

Lucky for you, we just HAD to put this in our shop.

Emily Koons