Map Love Shack 74%

"Chocolate is a leaping-off place: a bite can recall memories from distant moments, summon the notes of a song, conjure a favorite place or that day when the sun glinted off the water just so. Other bites take us places we've never been and show us glimmers of things we've not yet seen. And when I'm crafting chocolate I begin to get hints of these travels, bits & pieces of coming together in a beautiful telling that is the miracle of chocolate. Cacao carries an amazing story of cultivation, travel, wild places, the people who've shared its journey, birds landing amongst its leaves, rain falling, farmers tending it, and mouths tasting it. Cacao has a story to tell, and the language it speaks is chocolate."   - Mackenzie Rivers

Map Chocolate is truly craft in every sense of the word. The minute I received the box in the mail, I could feel this chocolate was special. I sensed the personalized care and felt as though I was holding art in my hands. From the hand designed and intricately wrapped bars, to the poetry found tucked in the wrapper, and the precision required to create such different and delicious inclusions paired perfectly with well-made chocolate...this is what I have been waiting for.

Creator Mackenzie Rivers does everything herself. And I mean EVERYTHING. A woman after my own heart. I don't know if demand will eventually force Mackenzie to step away from her role as sole producer of Map, but if that happens, I feel blessed that I have experienced the small and beautiful beginnings of real craft chocolate.

Crafted with beans from Vietnam Tien Giang, this 74% dark chocolate has been showered with little pieces of sugared organic lemon zest and gluten-free/vegan pink shortbread that is to die for. Completely decadent and dessert-like, this really does recall memories from distant moments. The sugared lemon is like a fancy version of lemon drops, a favorite candy of mine as a child, and the shortbread tastes hand-made and is something I probably haven't eaten since Valentine's Day 1997. The chocolate is fruity but stands apart from other Tien Giang chocolate that I have tried. I'm in love with Map and can't wait to get their bars in our web store.

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Emily Koons