Amano Macoris 70%

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"Years ago I found a beautiful cocoa plantation that forever caught my imagination. On this particular day, it was overcast and the cocoa trees were new and laden with a rainbow of cocoa pods. It was very peaceful with the exception of the tropical birds chirping and squawking. As the light came through the leaves, I could not help but feel that if there really was a Garden of Eden it would be just like this. Ever since I have wanted to make chocolate with beans from this magical place. It took seven years. But as they say, good things come to those who wait." - Art Pollard

The newest chocolate bar welcomed to the Amano family, Macoris has quickly become one of their best in my opinion. The beans come from a single estate in the Dominican Republic, and Amano has sole access to them.

"The plantation didn't want to sell them to anyone, they just wanted to use them locally, but after many years of negotiating, we reached an agreement. I believe it is because of the strong relationships built with my friends in the Dominican Republic that we were able to make it happen."

The aroma of this bar is intoxicating. It smells sweet and sour, akin to dried sugared mango, or other sugared fruit. The flavor is so colorful. On one hand, it feels like the sibling to Dos Rios, and on the other, it is a whole new entity altogether. Exotic nuances of sugarcane, mango, apricot, cranberries, and cream shine through. It is fun, it is complex, it is heavenly. Go out and eat this chocolate! It is a great opportunity to try something that you can't get access to otherwise.

Emily Koons