Naive Tahini Organic Milk Chocolate 42%

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In a little town on the Eastern side of Lithuania, founder Domantas Užpalis uses his artistic expression to create unique chocolate bars that no other maker has thought of, or even dared to attempt. Porcini mushrooms, bee pollen, and Kefir grains (that he claims can be rehydrated and cultivated) are just a few examples of his eccentric ideas that have successfully materialized.

"Chocolate is like my own life – both bitter and sweet. It has been a constant companion that has seen me grow from a carefree youth to a quixotic adult. Chocolate is as luxuriant as my most vivid dream and as humble as my simple reality." - Domantas

This Tahini bar is part of a new set that Chocolate Naive has released called "The Equator Collection." The concept is to use ingredients that come from a single ecosystem. They believe that because an ecosystem’s minerals, water, and soil give life to its plants, the living things that thrive together inherently taste good together. Every chocolate bar from this collection is solely composed of ingredients grown in the regions surrounding the equator with intense flavors symbiotically blended into the tropical chocolate.

It's a soft bar that crumbles as you attempt to break it. An abundance of sesame seeds are folded in to create a gentle crunch and a titch of salt. The first time I tried this bar it reminded me of the classic peanut butter and chocolate combination. What's not to love about that? After a few more tastings I began to experience it differently, the chocolate becoming savory and reminiscent of Asian food. Either way, it's intriguing, distinct, and enjoyable. This and other Naive bars are now available on our website.

Emily Koons