Solstice Tanzania 70%

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At Utah Chocolate Society we have spent the last 3 months pairing 64 bars against each other in a blind taste test. Each pair becoming more difficult than the last to decide which to vote for. We recently had a dinner to celebrate the Society’s 7 Year Anniversary and to vote on the final two bars which were Marou Tien Giang 70% and Solstice Tanzania 70%. Both are incredible bars, but Solstice took the win this year. Congrats to them!

Kokoa Kamili, a cacao fermentery where these beans hail from, specialize in ethically sourced organic cocoa from the heart of Tanzania in Kilombero Valley. They buy 'wet' cocoa, straight out of the farmers' pods, paying them more than they would receive if they were to ferment and dry the beans themselves. This means that farmers get paid more, and faster, for less work. The time saved can instead be spent tending to their farm and improving production.

This chocolate bar smells of flowers, dried fruit, and bread.  In taste, it begins with bright lemon and sweet honeysuckle. Tropical fruit, stone fruit, and cracker nuances are also present. Solstice's signature 'bread' characteristic is very subtle, but there. It creates a beautiful flavor combination that I absolutely love.

This is very deserving of the Utah Chocolate Society win. And now that our (Cacao Review) online store is up and running, you can buy it directly from us!

Emily Koons