Chef Alexa Norlin - Desserts

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For Utah Chocolate Society, Chef Alexa Norlin pampered us with the most AMAZING desserts. She is incredible at what she does and has some fun plans in store. She recently left the fine-dining restaurant "HSL" to start her own endeavor. We will keep you posted on where she lands. Wherever it is, we know she will make something amazing!

The desserts:

Brown butter caramel dipped in Durci Corona Arriba, topped with roasted white chocolate, and a rhubarb compote. 

Amedei Toscano Black ice cream on top of a silky chantilly, with puffed sorghum, black currant, and burnt honey ganache.

Solstice Tanzania mousse with apricot, cantaloupe, confit lemon, lemon meringue, and creme fraiche dippin' dots.

We loved every one of these, but my favorite was the Amedei Ice Cream. More dessert parties to come!


Emily Koons