Marou Tien Giang 70%


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Marou Chocolate is based in Southern Vietnam where they adventure deep into cacao forests with their famed jungle-trekking Marou jeep. On occasion, they also travel by boat for the more rare cacao they seek. The inherent flavors of Vietnamese cacao are like none other, offering beautiful Asian spice and exotic tasting notes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Marou's Tien Giang 70% made its way to the final 2 of 64 chocolate bars in our Utah Chocolate Society tournament, proving that it is well made and well liked. I have eaten this bar many times and absolutely love it, but, for this review, I landed on a batch that seems off. Typically, it tastes of rich honey, dark raisins, prunes and slight spice nuances. This batch, however, came out earthy, woody, and oddly enough...tastes remarkably like fish sauce, a first for me! Marou uses French technique when making their chocolate, so you can certainly taste the beautiful deep and bitter roast.

The past few days I have been alternating between a few bars and asking for second opinions just to see if my palate is off. The different flavor remains. That is the beauty of small-batch, bean to bar chocolate. You may not get what you have always gotten!

Emily Koons