Durci Taino Secret 70%

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Taino Secret is from the Dominican Republic and is made from an exceptionally high-quality cocoa bean. The Dominican Republic has long been known for its superior quality cocoa beans and Durci has found some of the very best.

Durci has always worked hard to build strong relationships with many native farmers, discovering the world’s finest bean varieties and working directly with them to perfect techniques for their growing, harvesting and natural processing. They also do things a little differently in their small factory at the base of the Wasatch Range in Utah. What exactly are they doing? Well, it's top secret, but let's just say things get processed very quickly, allowing for strong flavors to shine through, and giving us the chance to 'Rediscover Chocolate.'

I ate A LOT of pieces of chocolate for this review. There is a fleeting tasting note that I just can't figure out how to describe. Most of all, this chocolate bar tastes of brownies, almond butter, peanuts, dates, and even a little caramel. But it also contains nuances of a slight exotic sweetness that intrigues me. Vanilla? Almost. Cacao pulp? Not quite.  Syrup, maybe. The packaging suggests tamarind, which I have never eaten, so that could be it. My new goal is to get my hands on tamarind. At any rate, the secret tasting note fits the name of the bar well.

Emily Koons