Durci Chocolate & Crio Bru Tour

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The Crio Bru Warehouse is only 45 minutes from where we live, so we love to visit often. Eric Durtschi, the founder of Crio Bru and Durci Chocolate, gave us a tour of the warehouse.

We love speaking with Eric because he is so passionate and enthusiastic about his work. His mind is always turning and I think that makes for the best kind of entrepreneur.

He's successfully growing cacao trees in Utah with the help of humidifiers, heaters, and a green house.

Due to the amount of cacao needed for Crio, Eric processes more beans at his 8,500-square-foot Lindon facility in one a month than all of the artisan chocolate makers in Utah use in one year.

Eric invented the machine seen in photos: “To my knowledge, we have the only grinder in the world that can grind the cocoa bean and keep the cocoa butter intact so it doesn’t liquefy. We can grind it very fine without melting it.”

Durtschi showed us his amazing garden behind his warehouse. He has quite the green thumb. He grows dozens of types of incredible heirloom berries. Some are the size of golf balls. Durci chocolate covered berries - holy smokes.

After eating chocolate straight from the grinder and scooping up some chocolate chips, we headed home. We had a really great time!

Emily Koons