Marou Heart of Darkness 85%

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Marou, Faiseurs de Chocolat are doing incredible things right now. They just opened Maison Marou in Saigon which is a gourmet cafe, a patisserie, a chocolate factory, and a storefront all in one. You can probably guess that I’m dying for a visit. They also recently purchased their own cocoa farm which will start producing in 2020.
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If you’re into to dark, dark chocolate, this may be your bar. Marou’s 85% Heart of Darkness is the cousin to our previously reviewed 75% Treasure Island. Both coming from Tan Phu Dong, a tropical river island in Southern Vietnam, and both wearing similar map-inspired paper. The package evokes nostalgia of the many pirate maps I made as a child after hiding my own treasures. I still can’t find the jar of money I buried in my neighbor's back yard.
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It’s black and gold art brings about this mysterious and eerie innervation. Hanging in the top inner fold is a hidden golden bat, a Vietnamese symbol of prosperity. This chocolate has gone on to become World Champion at the International Chocolate Awards in 2015, the year of it’s release.
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This thick and tannic bar tastes clearly of honey with hints of coconut, gingerbread, and cayenne pepper without the heat. It gives a strong powdery finish that I love. As with all of Marou’s chocolate, this has an inexplicable exotic Asian flavor that brings images to mind of Vietnamese street food wafting its way into the chocolate factory. The very limited supply of these bars make them a treasure of their own so if you come across one, snag it up quickly.

Emily Koons