Amano Cardamom Black Pepper 60%

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Last week we stopped in at Amano Chocolate to film their crew in operation for a project we're working on. Art Pollard, founder of Amano, sent us home with his line of amazing chocolate, so we are looking forward to finally spending more time and energy reviewing their award-winning bars.

Amano is what got us into craft chocolate over 6 years ago, and an in-depth Amano tour & tasting over a year ago is what intensified our passion for it, inspiring us to start Cacao Review. If it weren't for this chocolate, we probably wouldn't be here, so a huge thank you to Art for making it, Brian Ruggles (UCS) for introducing us to it, and Matt Caputo for creating the chocolate culture here in Utah!

This has to be one of the best bars ever created. It's always a go-to when teaching our craft chocolate classes, or introducing someone to inclusion bars.

Using their Dos Rios chocolate, Art adds the perfect amount of cardamom and black pepper that flows harmoniously with the tasting notes already found in the Dominican beans. Dos Rios is an amazing bar on its own, (I'm talking top 3 for me), so adding inclusions had to be done in just the right way, and it was. You will also find large chunks of sugar crystals which are explosive and exciting to discover. It all fits brilliantly.

"Before starting Amano, I experimented with an incredible number of flavor combinations. Chocolate with cardamom and black pepper was one of my favorite discoveries. My first successful chocolate bars that I gave away as Christmas presents included a cardamom and black pepper bar. The recipients of those gifts convinced me to start Amano Chocolate. You might say that with this bar we have come full circle back to the origins of Amano Chocolate." - Art Pollard

Classy, elegant, sophisticated... this chocolate is all of those things and more. I am in love.

Emily Koons