Solstice Madagascar 70%

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This premium chocolate bar is handcrafted from Sambirano cacao beans. Sambirano beans are cultivated from a distinct tropical climate along the Sambirano River in Madagascar often referred to as “the green gold of Madagascar.” The cacao trees rest in riverbed plantations dating back to the colonial French era.

Solstice does an incredible Madagascar that has all the right qualities of tangy citrus and bright berries without overwhelming acidity. We’ve all had that Madagascar chocolate that seems to create open sores in the mouth due to its excessive brightness. Solstice, however, has accomplished the perfect balance. What causes Madagascar cacao to be so bright and fruity? It’s likely due to the combination of the natural soils, minerals, microclimate and topography that provides a unique biome for the beans. Although some believe it to be a result of former fruit plantations enriching the soil.

Blue’s Chocolate’s out of Berkeley, California (formerly known as Chocolatier Blue) uses Solstice Madagascar chocolate to make their divine confections; and with good reason. Solstice does an outstanding job at providing consistent chocolate and the Madagascar gives the perfect brightness needed to bring out the flavors in their inventive creations. Just listen to the description of a few of the seasonal confections they have to offer:

Banana Cream Pie:
Pie crust is crumbled into a banana and white chocolate caramel with dark chocolate.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake:
A brown sugar pineapple upside down cake is mixed into a chocolate filling.

Buttered Popcorn & Champagne
Extra buttery popcorn is a perfect complement to bubbly champagne and a dark chocolate shell.

Snag a box of Blue's Chocolates as well as a bar of Solstice Madagascar for you and your Valentine. You will win big points, trust me.

Emily Koons