Original Beans Femmes de Virunga 55%


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Wars and armed conflicts burden the Congo while its rich natural resources are trapped among violence and brutality. The Eastern Congo is an extremely dangerous place for women to live. They endure atrocities, like continual rape and violence, that are treated as normal. The perception of women as the inferior gender forces a dependency on men for their livelihood. Cacao is a way out.
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The Original Beans Femmes de Virunga project aims to improve daily life for women in North Kivu, Eastern Congo. Their goal is to establish a culturally supported economic position for women within the cacao sector. They're teaching 739 women how to read and write, empowering them to become cacao tree experts and farmers, as well as providing them with entrepreneurship & leadership courses.
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This organic dark milk chocolate is incredibly elegant and creamy. It has a dark roast and tastes of hazelnuts and almonds. The milk is light and subtle, which I always prefer. It melts in your mouth quickly and finishes with bitterness and a cappuccino flavored punch to the face. It is one of the best milk chocolates that I've ever tried.
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Purchasing this bar assists Original Beans in this tremendous work. As a woman, I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all that they are doing and I pray that these women will gain more support and unconditional love.

Emily Koons