Marou Treasure Island 75%

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Marou chocolate makers are the first to make bean to bar chocolate using cacao from Vietnam. The area's wild growing conditions make for very different and exotic flavors in their chocolate.
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Marou’s Treasure Island Limited Edition 75% Chocolate is made with cacao growing in very small quantities on Tan Phu Dong island in the middle of the Mekong river.
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I love this bar. I love everything from the packaging to the taste. As I carefully open, photograph, and eat this chocolate, I feel like a foodie pirate that just found her loot. It has a good roast that immediately brings an indescribable exotic spice to the front. I’m thinking similar to an Asian cousin of cinnamon? As it melts in your mouth, you’ll find notes of honey, cream, and licorice.
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This is certainly a favorite of mine that I will always keep on hand…hidden away in a drawer from others.

Emily Koons