Amedei 9

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Amedei from Italy is considered to be one of the finest chocolate producers in the world, if not THE finest.

Amedei’s 9 is a blend of - you guessed it - 9 beans from around the world. One of those being super top secret.

The aroma is fruity and nutty. Upon tasting, I’m immediately surprised that this is a 75%. To me it seems lighter than that. In the beginning nothing stands out besides the roast, but with time I begin to taste bright berries…then cream. At the end it transforms to the nuttier side of things. This mild combination makes me think of a PB & J with a glass of milk. My tasting partner laughs. He gets mostly dark, coffee, and vanilla. My only complaint is that this bar lacks intensity and is slightly grainy, but is still very delicious.

Emily Koons