Pump Street Bakery Grenada 70%

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In case you didn't already know, Pump Street Bakery is located in England in a renovated 15th Century building on Orford’s Market Square in Suffolk. They bake delectable bread and pastries and run a cafe where they serve delightful food, coffee, and tea. While they churn out freshly made bread daily, they also run a bean-to-bar production in the bakery itself. How they manage to do all that, I don't even know.

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, 15 acres of cacao trees grow in acidic soil on a beautiful farm known as the Crayfish Bay Estate. Pump Street Bakery is the sole producer of this single estate chocolate bar.

A thick, cocoa buttery chocolate with strong aromas of dried apricot and cranberry, this bar has surprised me. In taste, it diverges. Flavors of raisin and fermentation evolve to beautiful nuances of floral white tea. As the square melts the last of its life, there is a subtlety of sesame paste and sour notes that are left on the back of the tongue. The packaging suggests strong flavors of blackberry and floral notes.

I really loved this bar more than I anticipated and would eat it again and again.

Emily Koons