Raaka Chocolate Factory Tour

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Last week we had the opportunity of visiting with Raaka Chocolate in Brooklyn after hours. We just love them!

William, Raaka's Brand Manager, gave us a full tour of the place. Among many other tasks, he's the artist behind their beautiful IG account.

We loved tasting all of Raaka's chocolates including their First Nibs and Limited Edition bars. They are incredibly delicious and inventive. One of our favorite things about Raaka is their creativity. We highly recommend signing up for their First Nibs monthly subscription through their website. This month's release was: Lemon Coconut Cream and Blood Orange.

"At Raaka, we love the bold, intense flavors of the unroasted beans; the citrusy bite of Madagascar cacao or the earthy, umami funk of Bolivian beans. To honor the unique flavor profile of each origin, we simply skip roasting. During our grinding process, the nibs will reach anywhere from 130 F to 140 F, smoothing out flavor while preserving their native character. The result is a bar that tastes more like cacao beans." - William Mullan

We learned that Raaka has to winnow much longer than usual because their beans are unroasted, which makes it more difficult to separate the husk from the bean. They use a fancy sorter as the final stage of separation.

Our time was limited in Brooklyn so we didn't get to catch a tour during production hours which means we missed out on photographing most of the running machinery. But we did snag a pic of these freshly packaged Bourbon bars. Their packaging machine runs about 1,300 bars a day!
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"Cacao beans are actually fruit seeds that come from the fruit of the Theobroma cacao tree. The seed is encased in an outer husk that must be removed and separated from the seed through a process called winnowing. Winnowing cracks the cacao and seperates the husk from the "nib". The nib is what becomes chocolate." - Raaka

Thanks again to William and Raaka for hosting us! We can't wait to come back!


Emily Koons