Solstice S'mores Bar + Marshmallow Drinking Chocolate


Solstice makes some of our very favorite chocolate bars, and being friends with Owner/Operator DeAnn Wallin meant that we just had to create a bar together. We originally had plans for something different, so when access to beans fell through I quickly suggested we go the inclusion route, which Solstice doesn't normally do.

When we first tasted the Solstice Dark Milk, it turned our world around. At the time we weren't fans of milk chocolate at all, so their bar made us rethink our strong stance against it. We began tasting more milk chocolate and do enjoy some, but theirs still remains our number one.

Because their milk chocolate has an inherent teddy graham vibe with subtle notes of cinnamon, we had been dreaming about making our own s'mores version at home for some time.

The best part about creating this bar was that we got to play chocolate makers in a real factory for the first time. Well kinda...DeAnn made the chocolate and then Dayton and I spent a couple days creating the bars. We started by making homemade marshmallows and sourcing our favorite gluten-free graham crackers. After some trial and error, we were able to pump out 200 of these fun collaboration bars.

We admit that the heavy inclusions hide the chocolate somewhat, but we wanted this to feel like the experience of eating real s'mores around the campfire, except with better chocolate and minus the smoke in your eyes. This is our junk food bar that we think everyone can love.

With leftover homemade marshmallows, we decided to make a single-serving drinking chocolate by taking the remaining untempered chocolate and mixing it with our dehydrated and powdered marshmallows. It is subtle but fun!


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