Durci Piura Blanco 70%


"This chocolate is the result of a special project that I have been working on for over 5 years. Piura, Peru has exceptional cacao with a high percentage of white cacao. I started trying to track down the source of it and met with many farmers that collectively sold their cacao to ASPROBO COOP. I found one farmer that had almost all white cacao on his farm and I worked with him on perfecting the fermenting and drying of this bean to enhance the wonderful apricot and lemon notes. I hope you enjoy eating this as much as I enjoyed creating it." -Eric Durtschi

Eric first told us about this chocolate over a year ago. We were able to try it in liquid form for the first time in the small Durci corner of his expansive Crio Bru warehouse. Our first taste made us wide-eyed and giddy. We couldn't have known then that we would be the first to release this incredible chocolate. Eric doesn't have current plans to make it part of the Durci Chocolate lineup so we feel super lucky to have the opportunity to get it out there.

A roasted white cacao bean still makes a dark-colored chocolate, but much lighter in comparison to other darks. Visually it can appear to be a milk chocolate bar, even at 70%. And in case you're confused, white beans do not make white chocolate (which is actually cocoa butter, sugar, and milk). White cacao beans are just a genetic rarity, and some people believe them to be the most exceptional beans available.

Upon tasting, this bar first hits you with a sour intensity that almost knocks you off your feet. The bright pineapple, lemon, and apricot tasting notes take precedence over everything for a moment until they suddenly drop off and you find yourself perplexed by the flavor of peanuts. There are moments where this has a strong correlation to a PB&J, and others where the focus lies on its fruity tartness. This bar is so unique that I have to remind myself that I am eating chocolate.


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