Dick Taylor Vanilla Raspberry


"There are many components that go into the experience of eating. Texture, aroma, bitterness, sweetness, and even appearance are just a few of the things that shape our perception of food. As we create a new bar or select a new origin of cacao to work with, we consider all of this. This bar is a perfect example of trying to blend all of these components into a cohesive experience.  

One thing that is especially interesting about it is the color of the raspberries. It is almost an unnatural counter to the silky dark chocolate. The aroma of the berries and the vanilla coconut sugar give the bar a more candy-like quality without being too cloyingly sweet. The flavor is also something that is fun and playful. Try it berry-side down or up to see how the flavor develops differently. Even for a fairly simple ingredient list, this bar is surprisingly layered and complex.

As our business grows, we regretfully find ourselves with less and less time to just experiment. Experimenting is what initially got us into this crazy business and it is projects like this with Cacao Review that allow us to tap back into one of our first loves. Thank you for being willing to indulge some of our chocolate musings, we hope you enjoy it!" -Adam Dick

All the major craft chocolate lovers are likely aware that Dick Taylor made a quickly sold out short-run of this bar for Valentine's Day, except they used a different cacao origin for that batch. For our version, they have generously dusted the bar with raspberries, vanilla bean, and coconut palm sugar atop their new Northerner Blend. They then wrapped the exquisite bar in our custom letterpressed package specially made for the two-hundred members of our club.

The bright-red dusting hits the tongue and overwhelms the palate in such a good way. It has just the right amount of vanilla, and the raspberry is so beautifully tart and fresh that I imagine they just picked them out from their local farmers market before drying them in-shop. As the dusting melts, the familiar roast profile and smoothness of a Dick Taylor Chocolate bar shines through. The acidity and fudginess of the Northerner Blend compliments the tartness of the fruit. We may be biased, but this is our favorite Dick Taylor inclusion bar thus far. 

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