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"Crafting a custom bar is so much more to me than choosing an origin, pairing it with inclusions, and then making it. Meeting the Cacao Review crew in person was such a joy -- the positive, fun energy, and the respect they showed for the art of making chocolate was a true gift they gave to me. I'm humbled to be able to craft a bar exclusive to them!" -Mackenzie Rivers, Founder

Using Fiji cacao from the Macuata Province, Ms. Rivers creates a work of art for our exclusive bar. This dark chocolate has caramelized white chocolate pooled on the back that was crafted in-house using her own pressed organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, and organic whole milk. Large Icelandic sea salt flakes are scattered along the golden swirls.

The dark Fiji cacao tastes of cocoa powder & brownie and pairs well with the salted caramel white chocolate. At the same time, the two contrast wildly in sweetness, and then the salt smacks you in the face and makes you forget about it.

Although there isn't any malt in the chocolate, I do find malty nuances. I try hard to separate the white from dark to get a good idea of exactly what is going on, but it keeps me on my toes.

Mackenzie tells me that the name "Yellow Brick Road" comes from the path of seeking, but not always finding, and receiving help along the way. That the true "gold" is the family and friends who love us. In the poem inside the wrapper, she speaks of the connections we make and the path that leads us to home. "The treasure we find is something we carry with us, a place inside our heart of hearts, no matter where we lay our head to rest. The beauty is, the darker it gets, the brighter the path leading us where we need to go. There's no place like home.”


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