Raaka Roasted Haiti 70%


"Behold, the first-ever Raaka bar made with roasted cacao. While roasting is traditional and considered essential in chocolate making, it is completely new and perhaps even a bit subversive for us. A plain, traditional single-origin bar is downright radical for us at this point. We hope you enjoy this Raaka rarity as much as we enjoyed crafting it." -Raaka Chocolate

Raaka Chocolate has one of the most fun chocolate subscriptions out there called "First Nibs." Each month they create two new innovative micro-batch chocolate bars and ship them to subscribers around the world. These bars aren't found in stores, and when the month is over, they are gone forever. It is totally our kind of thing.

When working with Raaka on our Underground project, limitations and time constraints were kicking our butts, so we decided to choose something from their First Nibs selection (now unavailable to the public) and do a custom wrapper for our club.

Up until this point, Raaka has only ever made chocolate with unroasted beans, coining the term "Virgin Chocolate." So as you can imagine we were really excited to learn that they were experimenting with their first-ever roasted chocolate bar. We had to snag it.

There is an exciting difference between their roasted and unroasted chocolate. The wild flavors of natural cacao and fermentation have fallen away to a more conventional flavor without becoming boring. (But when has roasted chocolate ever bored us?) This bar has a lovely nuttiness with hints of Medjool dates and honey. When I begin to chew, it opens up with low-toned cherry notes and then the finish leaves your mouth feeling tannic and dry.

We really quite enjoy the roasted side of Raaka and hope to experience it again. This bar is available exclusively from Collection #1 of our Underground Chocolate Club. Purchase below.


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