Raaka Coconut Milk 60%


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To source cacao that supports community and agroforestry, this chocolate was made with beans from Oko Caribe Cooperative in the Dominican Republic. Raaka commonly uses this origin in many of their other bars.

I’m wondering why I decided to review this in January because now I need a tropical vacation. What a wonderful take on milk chocolate. This vegan bar has a quick velvety melt with perfect smoothness. The usual milk powder flavor one would find is nonexistent, because well, it IS nonexistent. Instead, they grind shredded coconut with cacao. The genius of it is that you won’t find any coconut texture here.

With my first few tastings, all I could focus on was nuttiness and coconut flavor. I then read the back of the package where Raaka suggested strawberry as a tasting note. I tried a different chocolate bar and came back to this with a cleansed palate. Right away I found the strawberry note which manifested as strawberry shortcake. This further inspired me to make a smoothie bowl with blended strawberries and coconut milk, topped with sliced fruit, coconut whipped cream, and raw cacao nibs.

The bar ends with a raw coconut aftertaste which is enhanced by the flavor of unroasted cacao.

Emily KoonsComment