Pump Street Bakery Sourdough & Sea Salt 66%

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Coming out of Suffolk in England is a little place called Pump Street Bakery. Their shop is located in a renovated 15th Century building on Orford’s Market Square. (Look it up, it’s adorable.) These guys are first and foremost bakers. They bake beautiful fresh bread and pastries every day, and what hasn’t sold the day of is donated to an emergency family shelter in Ipswich.

Chocolate is their more recent endeavor. I love that they’re just like, “Hey, we’re good at stuff, let’s also make really incredibly delicious chocolate with the best beans in the world and succeed!” As many of you know, making bean-to-bar chocolate is not at all easy, so their quick success is something to be very proud of.

They have done a great job with their simple and cutesy art that always draws me in at the chocolate shop. The package both zips up and is insulated to preserve freshness and flavor and to prevent other flavors from seeping in. Packaging like this works great for us because we often store dozens and dozens of bars in the same cooler. Remember when we told you how Nate from Raaka Chocolate was storing some chocolate in his kitchen and then made barbecue sauce? The high fat content in the cocoa butter allowed for that vinegary barbecue sauce flavor to seep in and completely changed the taste of the chocolate. Quite fascinating.

Ok, let’s talk about how good this is. I'm not supposed to eat gluten and I don’t even care, I will down this whole thing. The genius of it is that they’ve combined two wonderfully fermented foods; sourdough and cacao. Just as brilliant is the combination of the yeasty bread with the malty flavor that is typically found in Ecuadorian cacao. Crunchy sourdough bread crumbs are thoroughly and abundantly folded into the chocolate. The texture is spot on with such a beautiful crunch that is different from any other bar that I’ve had. It is both sweet and sour with a note of deep honey that emerges from the chocolate. The subtlety of the salt balances it all out perfectly.

Emily Koons