Durci Empyrean Sabor 70%

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The meaning behind Empyrean Sabor is “Heavenly Flavor,” which is true in the case of this chocolate bar made from beans coming out of Carenero, Venezuela. Normally Carenero cacao isn’t used in premium chocolate, but Durci has been working with a plantation there for several years to change the way this bean is processed, yielding superior quality and flavor.
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I don’t typically read the suggested tasting notes on the package before writing a review, but knowing this bar and the chocolate makers very well, it was too difficult to avoid. In this case, the chocolate tastes just as the description states, “cherry and sweet tobacco smoke.” The sweet tobacco smoke is certainly in the forefront with cherry being the more subtle of the two. I love that it is very peppery in both aroma and flavor and I find that it has this interesting dry taste without actually drying out my mouth. Normally one would use words like; tart, bitter, bright, or dark to describe a chocolate bar…but those just don’t seem to fit this one. It just is what it is and it stands on it’s own. This is absolutely another rock-star chocolate bar, and one of my very favorites in the Durci chocolate collection.
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If you are into Fine Cheese + Chocolate, you may want to know that we recently paired this with Ossau Iraty, a french cheese made of sheep’s milk. I highly recommend trying them together.

Emily Koons